Offsite Backup

The remote backup service market is booming, and customers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to backup their valuable data off-site. At Fortastor, we believe that Service Providers are best suited to offer remote backup services, provided they have the right tools. With Bunker SP, your hardware doesn't matter anymore. Bunker's flexibility takes care of everything. In fact, even with a simple desktop running as a server, you can get started with remote backups in under 30 minutes!

Bunker's SP Edition builds upon months of experience with Bunker's other Editions, and incorporates valuable feedback from users and other Service Providers who've put Bunker through a battery of tests and environments. Additionally, the Service Provider Edition includes a host of features that are especially relevant to you. Features like:

  • Extremely Easy Reseller & Customer Management

  • Remote License Management

  • Server Web Portal with access control for Reseller, Customer & Client.

  • Added levels of Authentication

  • Extensive Web Service APIs to monitor and export backup metadata.

  • Management of Trial Customers and one step conversion to Confirmed Customers

  • Extensive reporting from a powerful RDBMS

  • Seed Backup Migration - a useful feature that recognizes bandwidth problems some of your customers may have, and hence allows for a first 'local' backup followed by incremental backups to your remote server.

  • And much more...

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